My face. Hi there! I'm Cassidy Williams, a computer science senior at Iowa State University. I'm scheduled to graduate in May 2014.

I have work experience from various companies, including Intuit, Microsoft, and General Mills. Upon graduation, I'm going to work for Venmo as a software engineer!

When I'm not studying or playing with programming languages, I fool around with Photoshop, blog for CycloneLife.com, watch movies, root for the Cyclones, play guitar, eat a lot, practice Spanish (I studied abroad my sophomore year to Spain), and salsa dance.
I also enjoy public speaking, and I have done so at events like the National Center for Women & IT Summit, the U.S. Department of Labor's Diversity in Tech event, and the IINSPIRE (Iowa-Illinois-Nebraska STEM Partnership for Innovation in Research and Education) conference, TEDxDesMoines, the United Nations (see "Press" section), and the U.S. Science and Engineering Festival this past year.

Please have a look around! I made this site entirely from scratch in less than 30 hours. Here is my resume if you'd like to take a peek!
You can look at my works besides this website in the Projects section, where I have bigger projects from work, school, and for fun. The Experiments section consists of "mini projects" that you can play with right away. They're not always entirely useful, but hey, I made them for fun. I've done a lot more than is on this site, check out my GitHub profile to see! But anyway, I am really pleased that you came to check out my site. If you have any questions at all please look in the Contact section below and I will be happy to answer them.

It brings joy to my heart that you've read this far, so here is a joke for you: How do you organize a space party? You planet.

I've been featured in several articles over time (my sister too), you can check them out here! Look, I'm jumping.

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Balance Screenshot


For the ISU Money Game Jam hackathon, I worked on a team to make Balance, a game where you have to get through your senior year of college while balancing your money, grades, happiness, and energy. In order to win the game, you have to pay off all of your student loans!
My team completed the game in just under 24 hours, and we made both a web and Android version. My role was to create the entire front end experience, as well as work on the web logic. Everything is done on the client side, and built from scratch! Our project ended up winning first place at the hackathon, which was great! The team and I are still fine-tuning different elements of Balance to make gameplay smoother and more fun.
Check out the repo for Balance here, or play the game if you'd like!

TheWeddingList Screenshot

The Wedding List

For Startup Weekend Des Moines, I worked on a team to make The Wedding List, an easy wedding guest list manager! There's all kinds of fun features we packed in there.
As a user, you can see who you've invited, from whom do you need addresses, and who has RSVPed. Users can bring in all of their guests straight from their Facebook friends, or manually add them themselves in our simple application. And finally, one can take their guest list and instantly get address labels, a spreadsheet, or a PDF of everyone for easy printing. I worked on the front-end of the website, all custom-made. Our team ended up getting third place overall!
The Wedding List isn't online anymore, but if you want to see some of my UI work, just let me know.

AdvisHer Screenshot


British Airways' UnGrounded is the first innovation lab in the sky, designed to connect industry leaders and creative minds for the purpose of tackling challenges that affect the next generation of global innovators. I was a member of Team Altitude: tackling the challenge of how to foster women in STEM positions. On the flight from San Francisco to London, teams came up with ideas and pitches to tackle the challenge.
On my team, we made AdvisHer, an online community that leverages the power of pipeline programs to advise, advocate, and accelerate women in STEM related jobs around the world. We ended up winning the hackathon on the flight! Afterwards at the G8 Innovation Conference and the Decide Now Act Summit, we presented our solution. Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union, officially offered support for the project's goal of advising, advocating, and accelerating women in STEM related jobs.
Please take a look at AdvisHer, Dr. Touré's speech, and follow @AdvisHer and Like our Facebook page! There's been a lot of press about the UnGrounded event and our project. In addition to looking at #BAInnovate on Twitter, check out some of the articles below:

Muna Screenshot


Are you tired of emailing yourself whenever you want to remember a book title, picture, link, address, or document? Well, I have a solution for you! I worked on a team of 5 (I was the main front-end developer) to create Muna (which means "to remember" in Icelandic, catchy huh?), which attempts to provide a fast and easy way to copy/paste text, images, and files between various devices. This saves you the trouble of having to login to an email service or download an application such as Dropbox. A database residing on a server provides persistent storage and retrieval of any data uploaded by a user. A webpage hosted on the same server allows users to manage their data from any computer, tablet, or smartphone! Additionally, this project provides a desktop application that can be installed for even more streamlined performance on any Windows computer. Once installed, the user simply has to highlight text and press a hotkey to upload that text to the database. We use Facebook login so the user doesn't even have to remember another password or login to yet another site.
We recently took Muna offline, but you can still see our infomercial here, and let me know if you'd like to see our final presentation!

Finddit Screenshot


For the first annual Startup Weekend Ames, I worked on a team to create Finddit (pronouced "find it"), a mobile application to help you find your things. At Startup Weekend I was on the Best Pitch List for the first portion (where we present initial ideas). To use Finddit, a user simply marks what location they want to save (say, where they last left their bike), and they have the option to leave notes and take a picture as well. My team worked and created a working web application and Android application, as well as a business plan and popular Facebook page. Finddit is not available right now, but a few of us on the team are continuing to work on it probably as you read this to make working, attractive applications for every platform.
Feel free to check out Finddit's Facebook page, Twitter page, and let me know if you'd like to see our Startup Weekend final presentation!

My Website Screenshot

Version 1.0 of This Website

This website's first version was a project of mine coded entirely from scratch! The background image I designed myself; it was meant to look like a muted sunset. Using Javascript and jQuery, the background moves every minute to match the relative brightness of the day. The menu at the bottom uses jQuery tabs, and everything else is all custom CSS. I also had a mobile site available.
If you'd like to see version 1.0, just ask and I'll be happy to show it to you.

PhotoQuest Screenshot


Have you ever wanted to know what sweater your friend is wearing? Or where to buy those cute shoe that you saw on the street? PhotoQuest is an Android application that allows users to search for products online and browse shopping results on Amazon and eBay. The team used the PhoneGap framework, Backbone.JS, Javascript, HTML, and CSS to put together this application using the Superfish API.
Poster available upon request (see "Contact" tab below)!

BingAds Mobile Screenshot

BingAds Mobile

Worked (with a team) to create a mobile web experience for Bing Ads, which is where advertisers can manage campaigns for ads that display on Bing. The focus was on a consistent user experience across all mobile devices and platforms such as iPhone, Android, and of course, Windows Phone. Project inherited from the existing codebase of adCenter. While conforming to the MVC3 Framework, the team developed our platform on top of that existing layer. The team used the jQuery Mobile framework to provide a natural user experience within the web browser. This mobile feature is scheduled to be deployed with the rebranding of adCenter.
Poster available upon request (see "Contact" tab below)!

Colloquial Search Screenshot

Bing Colloquial Search

Worked (as a team of 3) to create Bing Colloquial Search in the Microsoft Online Services Division Hackathon. Inspiration for the project came from our international team members and involvement with learning new languages. Using JavaScript we made a Bing feature in which the user asks whether one phrase or another is more colloqially correct, in the form of, for example, "I'm in vacation vs. I'm on vacation." The algorithm we used was based on search results for each phrase. We determined if one had a significantly higher amount of results than the other, then it was correct. If both had very high results or very low results, we would tell the user that both phrases are common or uncommon, respectively. As a result of this project (which we completed in less than a week), we won the hackathon and presented for the president of OSD, Qi Lu.
Presentation available upon request (see "Contact" tab below)!

StarCatcher Screenshot


For Facebook Seattle's Summer of Hack 24-hour hackathon, I worked (with a partner) to create StarCatcher, a web game in which stars fall from the sky and gradually fall faster and faster as time goes on. When a star hits the ground below, the user is prompted to Tweet their score. Since my team only had 24 hours to make the game, it is a rough design, but functional. We heavily used HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, the former two being new technologies to us. With CSS3 gradients, animations, and shapes, the game comes to life as stars fall from the night sky with help from the KineticJS JavaScript Library for the physics of their falling.
Actual game available upon request (see "Contact" tab below)!


Insult Generator Screenshot

Olde English Insult Generator

Do you have an enemy that could really use a talking to? We all do. Maybe you're my enemy. Probably not. This was a big ol' CSS experiment. Check out the glowing candle, the ink bottle, and the creased paper. There are NO images! Oh, and check out the insult too. Use it. Love it.
Check out the generator here!

ErmergershScript Screenshot


ErmergershScript is the best new programming language in the world. Or close to it. Okay, it's kind of silly. I made this little compile-to-JS language just for fun, based on the popular Ermahgerd meme! It's fairly simple, it just parses ErmahgerdScript line-by-line to convert back to JavaScript. Overall it's just for fun!
Check out ErmergershScript here!

Color Detector Screenshot

[Color Detector]

This is a HTML5 and JavaScript-heavy color detector to see what the dominant colors of a given image is. I used Charles Leifer's technique to figure the colors out. I haven't tested it thoroughly, but it seems to only work with JPEG images so make sure you upload one of those! Future work will probably include contrast-based coloring and more image support.
Play with [Color Detector] here!

Dots Screenshot


This is a pure CSS experiment I novelly call Dots (tested in all browsers, unfortunately only works fully in Chrome). Dots can be added and cleared by buttons on the screen, and they rotate about the y-axis. The dots are made with only CSS gradients, no images at all! Future work will probably include rotating dots about the x-axis and changing their colors.
Play with Dots here!

Notes Screenshot


This is a pure CSS (no images) styling experiment (tested in newest Opera, Firefox, IE10, and Chrome browsers, and WORKS). All the text on the page is editable thanks to contenteditable divs. Check out the layering, the gradients, and the lines on the page. They took a while to do!
Play with Notes here!

Me with a phone.

I like it when people talk to me. So you should. I promise I'll talk back.
I reply to emails usually within a day or two, with the exception of holidays and apocalypses.

Email me at cassidoo@iastate.edu or cassidoo@outlook.com

Check out my GitHub profile and projects! A lot of them listed are listed on this site, but there's definitely more on GitHub.

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Yeah, I'm on Instagram too.

Here is my resume again if you didn't see it before!

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